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The sensational story of William’s attempt to turn an old house into a luxury hotel has attracted buyers from around the world. If you’ve taken the first step to spruce up your property, you’ll find plenty of stuffed cats. This will inspire you and your mums and dads to support the house idea.

How do you start a big change?

First, get to know the characters that appear and disappear in the story and give them new tasks as changes are made. As you get to know the state of the house and move from room to room, you will gradually realize the extent of the tragedy.

Creating a garden is a gradual and painstaking process that requires focus and attention. Where do you start renovating? When you walk into a home, the first thing you see is the entrance hallway. Look at that beautiful antique staircase. If you are thinking of selling your property, this is too much of a challenge for you. Be patient and enjoy the long transformation.

What will bring about the transformation?

Transforming your home requires resources. To do this, you’ll encounter dozens of different logical levels to think about and puzzles to solve: place three rooms, solve puzzles and earn bonuses. Bonuses are stars. These are tools that allow you to design rooms, upgrade furniture and use various tools to improve the atmosphere in your home.

Some are kept as souvenirs. Others need to be removed to make room for new ones. Follow your mother’s wishes – mothers appreciate kitchen appliances. Dad’s downstairs cupboards, which have collected dust in a corner for years, are very precious to him.

Unexpected events

You’ll regularly face new challenges, and not just on the prepared floors. Keep playing and get more bonuses and incentives. Help your neighbours and friends. They will be grateful to you. Collect boosters and challenge yourself to more difficult stages. The levels are divided into different difficulty levels.

The hardest level gives you more boosters and three stars instead of three. This allows you to complete multiple challenges at once. Don’t miss the opportunity to network with like-minded people and offer your own ideas or borrow ideas from friends. Homescapes is a treasure trove of ideas you can use. Ready to take a risk?