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When it comes to logic puzzles and interesting apps, you immediately think of Homescapes. The developers have tried to make the game as interesting and attractive as possible for the user.

You not only have to collect rows of similar objects, but also perform tasks to sort the belongings of the main character William’s parents. He returns home to sell his old dilapidated house. Instead, he decides to do his best to remind his parents that their entire life story is hidden within the walls of this house.

What secrets await the user?

Before opening the door to a series of tests created by the protagonist. Solve complex puzzles for which you will receive stars. With the help of these stars you can equip your house. Discover new challenges and make bold design decisions. From the colour of the floor to the wallpaper in each room – you’ll have to choose everything yourself.

Make sure William’s parents feel comfortable and relaxed. Your furry friend will instantly become your faithful ally in home renovations. Choose a name for your pet and let him in. Welcome guests to get more ideas for renovating your home and for new projects.

Stories about stories

Behind the door, there are many homeowner tasks. Participate in contests and complete different tasks. After the renovation, new tasks await you every week: dress the bride and save her from a failed marriage, talk to the magician and get new items for the landscape, participate in a contest and get armor for your father.

Play hard to climb the leaderboard and kill the axe. Join a tribe and find allies. Interact with the people of your tribe and ask for help – what is it? If you run out of lives, you can ask them for more and try your luck.

Hundreds of levels in a colourful dimension

There are many different levels in Homescapes, each more difficult than the next. Choose your accessories and destroy different colored figures. You can also use the magic ball to remove all figures of the same color from the field. Use the hammer when the situation is desperate and victory is only a few steps away. Unleash your full potential and stay focused and determined to complete the levels on the first try. Don’t give up if things don’t go according to plan. William will help you try again if necessary.