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You’ve all been waiting for this for a very long time, and now, finally, a new sequel to the story with new levels has arrived on your screens. Many of the transformations of William’s Mansion can now be replicated on your smartphone. What have the developers come up with this time and what does the word “Calendar” promise in the game’s title? Will the new adventures cover all the months? That’s exactly what the developers claim.

18 months – 18 new missions and hidden puzzles

How many new games and how many new features will we see in the updated Homescapes? What other missions lurk behind the pages of the calendar? Will our furry friend be more docile? What new features will we see in the overhaul that will need updating? Will we see William in different seasons? We’ve already reached almost 10,000 new levels.

Will we be able to tackle this pile of junk and how will the story develop? How many new quests and tricks will we discover on our way to the hero’s biggest dream? Let’s celebrate all the holidays with this family this year. What presents should we prepare for New Year’s Eve and the other holidays, and what gifts will we receive?

A wide range of possibilities

A great platform for new designs. New perspectives with the highest quality. Play with new features and integrate them into your projects. Complete daily challenges and get useful boosters to help you level up. Don’t get greedy when using boosters. Don’t leave things to chance. The more opportunities you use, the better your chances of success.

Colorful Joy

Each new level contains mega-challenges that won’t let you get bored. Homescapes has a well-designed ranking and achievement system, which is reflected in the leaderboard. As you achieve more successes, be prepared for a quick rise and an equally quick fall.

After all, you’ll be competing against the professionals. Don’t forget your channels. Review your goals regularly and prioritise them. Challenge your wits and creativity to pass levels and earn stars as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more stars you have, the faster you can start developing your project.